Upcoming article series: We need your stories!


Hello, members and followers of Silent No More! We are hoping to do an article series featuring real stories of workplace violence from real people who have experienced. Whether the violence was assault from a patient or their family, or whether there was lateral violence (aka bullying), consider sharing it. We can share these stories anonymously, or include your identity. All stories submitted need to be without patient identifiers. It is also important to note when you submit a story whether you are concerned for retaliation for sharing your story. We can work together to ensure your story is not recognizable to your real-life event, but still true to what happened.

Use the submission boxes below to share, or you can email us at info@silentnomorefnd.com. If you email, include contact information. After you have shared your story with us, if yours is selected for an article, you will hear back from Koko for a brief interview for accuracy. Contact us if you need any questions answered!

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